Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 17 July 2022

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As with many of our 2020 artists, The Bookshop Band were thankfully able to join us in 2021, bringing a touch of literary magic and musical brilliance to Folk by the Oak!

If you haven't yet met The Bookshop Band, allow us to introduce you to this delightful, original, inventive and thoroughly entertaining duo!

The Bookshop Band are best described as the offspring of an artistic love-affair between a duo of English folk singer-songwriters and a multi-award winning independent bookshop in the UK: Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights.

Comprised of cellist, composer and songwriter Beth Porter (The Lost Words: Spell Songs, Beth Porter and The Availables, Eliza Carthy's Wayward Band) and the multi-talented musician, film editor, designer and music producer Ben Please, The Bookshop Band perform songs inspired by books, inspired by hundreds of authors from Shakespeare to Philip Pullman, and have released 13 studio albums featuring many of the authors they have worked with. 

Their performances are a delightful combination of wit and imagination, literary love and musical magic. Whether you are a book worm, music lover or both we urge you not to miss this set!

I think this is the most wonderful project, just delightful

- Bob Harris , BBC Radio 2 -

Terrific, ...full of insight, humour and charm

- Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat -

The Bookshop Band’s approach to song writing is entirely original, and the results are both surprising and beautiful. They are two talented musicians coming to the same point from different directions

- Louis de Bernieres - author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin -