Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 17 July 2022


We were over the moon welcome the thrillingly gifted Talisk for the first time to our festival.

Comprised of Hayley Keenan, Graeme Armstrong and BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year winner, Mohsen Amini, Scottish firebrands Talisk have a reputation for explosively energetic performances and a multi-layered signature sound that has enthralled audiences the world over.

If you’re one of the many die-hard followers that they have amassed along the way, you’ll know why we wanted our audience to experience their artful, captivating and infectious talent at Folk by the Oak!


- Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 -

Doubling the power of three

- The Scotsman -

the technical ability of each member is clear in the energetic, dynamic sound produced

- Songlines -