Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 19 July 2020

SSS bike.jpg

Seasick Steve has had a busy 2019 writing songs for his next album which is due to be released during spring 2020. In celebration of the as yet untitled album, Steve will be heading out on the road in UK and Europe in spring 2020, and we’re over the moon that he’s also decided to join us at Folk by the Oak this year.

Steve says: ‘I live in the world of going out and rocking, you know. We do our best, every night. If someone has taken the trouble to spend their money to come and see us play, then we owe them to deliver. They’re my boss!

Steve’s long-time drummer Dan Magnusson (a.k.a. Crazy Dan) will of course be with him on this tour.

Steve can’t wait to get out on the road‘We rock. That’s what we do. When I see a club full of people, or a field full of people, they’re just with us and ready to get down in the mud (sometimes real mud!). We love it, and we love them.”

Renowned for shows that are both intimate and rowdy, charming and roof raising we know that Seasick Steve will close our festival with a standout performance full of heart and soul.

fantastically compelling and charismatic performer

- Guardian -

Seasick Steve sure as hell can cook up a storm

- louderthanwar.com -

genuinely emotive country-sad acoustic poignancy and grizzled, ear-punishing electric blues-rock

- The Scotsman -

His light-hearted manner paired with his wicked sense of humour and gravelly voice, really make for a night of knee-slapping and belly-laughing

- slatethedisco.com -