Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 15 July 2018

Julie Fowlis

Julie Fowlis 20178 folk by the oak.jpg

We've closely followed Julie throughout her career, revelling in her flawless and bewitching vocals. She has always been a standout artist for us and was one of our very first picks for the Main Stage at our first festival back in 2008. We are simply delighted to have her join us at Folk by the Oak again this year.

Although Julie has always sung mostly in Scottish Gaelic, her ability to transcend language has allowed her to become a firmly established world music artist with multiple awards and accolades and now a fifth studio album to her name.

Her songs were once described by Mark Radcliffe as 'like beautiful messages from another world', and with her latest album Alterum, Julie is indeed exploring the idea of 'other worlds'.  Incorporating various languages and traditions in a captivating way that only Julie could accomplish, we know that this set will take you on a magical journey that we will be honoured to share with you.

Fowlis's ascent to international stardom, putting Gaelic folk on the world music map, is evidence that a sublime voice transcends language and culture

- The Guardian -

transfixed by her voice.. the purity of her vocals... captivating... a masterclass in intimacy ★★★★

- TheTimes -

Julie Fowlis - Dh’èirich mi moch madainn cheòthar (I arose early on a misty morning)