Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 17 July 2022

Spell Songs

LWSS at SFF by Elly Lucas (109).jpg

Those of you who joined us in 2019 know that we were incredibly proud to have commissioned The Lost Words: Spell Songs, a musical companion piece to The Lost Words, the acclaimed book and ‘cultural phenomenon’ (The Guardian) by author Robert Macfarlane and artist Jackie Morris.

We are now beyond delighted to be welcoming back Spell Songs featuring the incredible, multifaceted talents and collaborative genius of our Spell Singers: Karine Polwart, Julie Fowlis, Seckou Keita, Kris Drever, Rachel Newton, Beth Porter and Jim Molyneux, accompanied by Jackie Morris painting live on stage.

Spell Songs draws inspiration from the creatures, art and language in both The Lost Words and Robert and Jackie’s more recently published The Lost Spells, which gives a voice and a presence to yet more birds, animals and flora, and a wonderful new source of material for our second album due for release in December 2021.

Both Spell Songs albums - The Lost Words Spell Songs (2019) and Spell Songs II: Let The Light In (2021) have grown from an intensive collaborative residency with the musicians and authors, produced and recorded by Andy Bell of Hudson Records.

We are, quite simply, thrilled that Spell Songs has taken flight so spectacularly and is soon to alight back on our main stage at Folk by the Oak 2022!

There is a rare, dear beauty to these songs, born of friendships and collaboration renewed after a time of deprivation; this music echoes with both joy and sorrow.

- Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris -

the art, the music, the sheer, ravishing beauty of the language... one of the greatest concerts we've ever had at Hay

- Hay International Literary Festival -