Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 18 July 2021

Your Questions Answered

Q What time does the festival start and when does the car park open?

A. Gates open to the festival site at 12.00 noon. The car park will open approximately an hour before. Please take a moment to read our Arrival and Security Information for more details

Q What time will the first acts come on?

A. The first Main Stage acts are scheduled to come on at 1.30pm. There will be a 25-35 minute change over period between acts. The Acorn Stage performances begin shortly after the gates open, with further acts between the Main Stage sets.

Q What time does the festival finish?

A. The festival finishes at approximately 10.30pm


Q What time are the performances?

A. See our Festival Info for details of the day’s schedule.


Q How and when will my tickets be delivered?

A. Secure barcoded e-tickets are delivered immediately to your e-mail for printing at home. 

Q Can I show my ticket on my smart phone / tablet rather than printing it out?

A. Yes, as long as you are able to fully download and save the ticket PDF to the device, and open it on the screen, the scanners will be able to verify it. Please ensure that you have downloaded the document before you arrive on site as we cannot guarantee enough coverage to do so once you arrive.

Q What are the facilities for disabled festival-goers?

A. Please see our Disabled Access Information page for further details 

Q Is the festival suitable for children?

A. Yes! The compact, leafy site and welcoming, laid back atmosphere is perfect for families. You can bring a picnic and make yourselves at home and as well as the music there’s a whole host of fun and activities to join in with if you wish, from the lavender mandala for the little ones to the climbing wall for the older and more adventurous. See our Families page for more details. As a guideline, we would advise a ratio of one supervising adult to three children under 16, and children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Blank wristbands are available at the Box Office, Info point, Concert Shop, and Programmes & T-Shirts stall – please feel free to take one, write your mobile phone number on it (no names) and secure it to your child’s wrist. In the event that your child is lost, this assists us in reuniting you.

Q Can I bring a gazebo?

A. Yes you can bring a gazebo. However gazebos can only be set up at the back of the auditorium and there is limited space. Space is allocated on a first come first served basis at the discretion of the stewards.

Q Is there a good meeting point onsite?

A. We would recommend the Flags and T-Shirts stall which is located at the rear of the festival arena and is clearly signed.

Q Is there an Info Point / Enquiries desk on site?

A. Yes, the Info Point is located at the main Box Office at the rear of the site. Please see staff there if you have any issues or queries on the day. 

Q Can I come by taxi, or get someone to drop me off?

A. You are very welcome to arrive and depart by taxi, or get a lift and be dropped off, and there is a designated taxi drop-off / pick-up route. Taxis and other vehicles picking up must be back on site by 10.15pm. Please see our detailed taxi instructions for more information

Q Where is the best position to see everything on site?

A. All members of the audience will be able to see the stage from any position on site, and there will also be a big screen displaying a closer view of the performers on stage. 

Q Can I bring food and drink, and are there any refreshments provided on site?

A. As a festival Folk by the Oak is unique in that we actively encourage you to bring food and drink (including alcohol) into the festival arena, to make a picnic area and base for your group on site and eat your picnic at any time throughout the afternoon and evening.

There will be also be a delicious selection of fresh hot and cold festival food outlets, a real ale bar, teas and coffees and a fully licensed bar.

Q Can I bring my own BBQ or camping stove?

A. No, unfortunately due to fire and safety regulations we do not allow any naked flames onsite.

Q Are the house and grounds open to visitors during the day?

A. Yes, but please note that there are separate entry charges and ensure that you check www.hatfield-house.co.uk before you plan your trip. We would recommend parking your car in the house car parks then moving it to the specific festival car parks for the festival itself. 

Q Are Dogs allowed on site?

A. No dogs except assistance dogs are allowed on site. Assistance dogs are permitted at the festival, but please be aware that there will be a firework display at the end of the night that may be disturbing to them. They are the only dogs that are permitted, so please make sure that they are easily identifiable. 

Q Can I smoke or vape?

Before you light up or vape at the festival please consider that people around you may not be smokers themselves and may be enjoying their picnics, often in family groups. We would strongly encourage you to make your way out of the demarcated auditorium, away from where people are seated, before lighting up or vaping. You must dispose of cigarette ends responsibly. Smoking and vaping is not permitted within marquee structures such as the Acorn Stage, Craft Tent, and other marquees. 

Q. Can I go back and forth to the car park throughout the day?

A. Yes. You will be given a pass when you leave the auditorium to enable you to get back in.

Q. What would you recommend bringing, and are there any prohibited items?

A. We recommend bringing appropriate clothing for the weather, and warm clothes even in good weather, as it is noticeably cooler after dark. Please also note that there are no cash points on site, and not all traders are able to take card payments. The nearest cash point is a 10 minute walk away at Hatfield Railway Station. 
The festival area and car parks are well lit, but it can be useful to bring a torch to help pack up your things and find your car. You are welcome to bring your own picnics, alcohol, glasses, cutlery etc.
The following are not permitted on site: drones, balloons / helium balloons, flame torches, sky lanterns, BBQs, stoves, any naked flames, sound recording equipment. Dogs are NOT permitted (with the exception of assistance dogs). Please do not leave your dog/s in your car.
Knives permitted on site will be limited to domestic knives 5 inches or under and folding knifes with a 3 inch blade or under. Please note there are no cash points on site, and many vendors are not able to take cards. 

Q And finally, which one is THE Oak?!

A. At Hatfield, there are some hugely imposing oak, hornbeam and beech pollards to be found. The Estate takes great pride in this natural heritage and has a policy of encouraging natural regeneration from these trees and creating new pollards for future generations to appreciate. The field on which Folk by the Oak is held is known as The Queen Elizabeth Oak Field, and holds particular historical significance. It is said that it was here in 1558, while sitting under an oak tree, that Elizabeth I learned that she had become Queen following the death of her half-sister, Mary. The original ancient tree is gone, but a new one is planted in its place, located at the top corner of the festival site.