Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 18 July 2021


Safety Measures - Visitor Guidelines

Last Updated: 1 October 2020

In putting these measures in place we will be closely following all updates to the government guidelines.  

We are currently working a long way ahead, and we anticipate that our arrangements will no doubt need to adapt to a changing climate as the year progresses. Please note that this is a live page and any intended changes will be outlined here as they happen, and guidelines may be given on the day. In some cases, where it is deemed safe to do so, it may be possible to remove some of these measures, or more may be added. 

All ticket purchasers will receive an updated version of these arrangements via email prior to the event, which we will encourage them to share with members of their party. If you are not the person who booked your ticket you may wish to revisit this page for updates.


  • The festival capacity will be reduced and arena sizes increased in order to ensure that everyone may sit in the arena at a safe distance. This may mean that some visitors will sit further away from the stage than normal. 

  • As with the situation in 2020, should Covid-19 restrictions force the cancellation of the concert ahead of the performance then all ticket-holders will be offered the option of a refund.

  • Do not attend the concert if you have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms in the preceding 14 days, have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the preceding 14-days, or have had contact with a known or suspected Covid-19 case.

    The following are considered to be Covid-19 symptoms:

- A high temperature
- A new, continuous cough
- A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

  • Where you are not able to attend because you are displaying symptoms, we will endeavour to accommodate you at another concert later in the 2021 season instead, provided it is outside the advised isolation period. 

  • The name and phone number of the lead booker may be made available to NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace where this is requested of us. Find out more about this service here

  • Visitors should be prepared to remove any face covering for the purposes of identification by police or staff.

  • All on-site staff, both in front of and behind the stage, will also be following these measures.

  • If you are bringing children we ask that you take full responsibility for ensuring that they also adhere to these guidelines. 

  • Regrettably, failure to comply with any of the below may result in refusal of admission.

At the Concert

  • Customer-facing staff will be wearing face coverings and regularly using hand sanitiser.

  • Please wear your face covering any time that you are not in your seat ie. on arrival, and when waking to the stalls or toilets.

  • While queueing to enter please maintain a social distance from your fellow attendees. This will make the queues look longer! But please be assured that we will be moving people through the gates as swiftly as possible. Moving closer to the people in front of you will not make your entry time any quicker. 

  • Hand sanitising stations will be provided throughout the site; please make regular use of these. Please bring your own sanitiser if you have some, and face coverings for adult members of your party. 

  • Before you get to the gates, ensure that each member of the party has a ticket ready to present to the stewards at the entrance. This will greatly increase efficiency and reduce crowd density at the check points. 

  • The concert arena will be demarcated to indicate viewing areas where you can set up your seats at a safe distance from each other. Stewards will be in place to assist with this, and further details sent in advance of the concert.

    Unfortunately this does mean that you won't be able to sit wherever you like, as in previous years. We will fill the arena from the front as people arrive and you will be assigned the next available space. 

  • Capacity for gazeboes will also be reduced in order that positioning can be spread out. 

  • We ask that you remain in your seating area for the duration of the concert, including during the cavalry and cannon displays. Please only leave your seating area if you need to use the toilet facilities or make a purchase from one of the stalls. 

  • Please ensure that you continue to adhere to social distancing when queueing for the toilets and stalls, and when moving to and from your seating area. Toilets will be spaced out in order to avoid crowding. 

  • Groups - You will still be able to take advantage of our 10% discount for group bookings of 12 or more. We advise your group to enter the arena at the same time in order that you will be seated together. When you are assigned your seating area we will request that you sit in adjacent groups of 6 at a time, which will be spaced at 2 metre intervals. 

  • Concert Pavilion - We will still be hosting our Concert Pavilion marquee area, but the capacity will be reduced to accommodate extra space between tables and the marquee will be further away from the stage because of the necessity to increase the size of the arena. Please note that this means that Blenheim, Burghley, Hatfield and Highclere are already sold out, with limited availability at Ragley. 

  • As you exit the concert we ask you to remain patient and keep your distance from fellow attendees. 

Thank you - we're incredibly grateful to you for joining us in these efforts to ensure that everyone involved can enjoy the concert whilst also remaining safe!