Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 17 July 2022

Village Farm Folk

Welcome to Village Farm Folk!

As our friends and family know, we are passionate about music, particularly folk music.

We have been honoured to work with many incredible artists since we staged our first folk festival in 2008.

Although Folk by the Oak has grown into one of the UK's largest and most successful festivals, we still love the joy of live music in an intimate setting

2016 we decided create Village Farm Folk, bringing free live folk gigs, including international artists and up-and-coming talent to people in our community who are not able to travel to larger venues due to lack of funds or mobility.

By working with the artists to fit these house concerts into existing tour schedules, and providing them with food and accommodation, we improve their earning potential (although the gigs are free donations to the artists are encouraged)

We work closely with local primary and secondary schools so that they can enjoy workshops by these professional musicians, not something easily available in our rural Herefordshire community.

To date Village Farm Folk has hosted these incredible artists.

Nancy Kerr
Rheigans Sisters
Cardboard Fox
Kris Drever
The Hut People
Bookshop Band