Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 18 July 2021

The Unwinding Stream

Thanks to Jackie's generosity, everyone who donates to the Nest Fest Fund will enter a draw to win the beautiful painting you see being created here!

Jackie Painting for webpage.jpg

A unique opportunity to see a visionary artist carefully breathe life into one of her more ambitious large-scale works of art.

We are overjoyed to be joined by the 2019 Kate Greenaway medal-winning artist Jackie Morris (co-author of The Lost Words with Robert Macfarlane) who conjured a peaceful painting of calm, hope and meditation inspired by her breath-taking new book The Unwinding, in real time during the festival! The Unwinding Stream is a place which slowly and gently inspires dreams. Watch the painting gradually unfold, and relax amid an oak woodland soundscape created by sound artist Chris Watson.

Thanks to Jackie's generosity, everyone who donates will enter a draw to win this unique and exceptional painting.

the three unwindings.JPG

The Unwinding by Jackie Morris

The Unwinding, Jackie's astonishing new book, is available from the following indie bookshops who are well worth supporting:  

Kenilworth Books

Solva Woollen Mill

Number Seven Dulverton

The Bookshop Band have written a song called The Binding inspired by The Unwinding, which they will play in their Nest Fest set. It is a book of healing and calm, described by the band as "Less a prescription, more a potion of colour."