Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 15 July 2018

This is the Kit

This is the Kit, the successful music project of Kate Stables.

This is the Kit is the much beloved music project of Kate Stables: singer; guitar player; banjo plucker; trumpeter and percussionist; and the woman who brings together a cast of carefully hand-picked friends to create the multi textured indie folk phenomenon This is the Kit.

“The aim is to have fun playing with people whose work I really like,” says Kate. “The more you exchange and share with people the better things get and the more you learn.” This personal ethos has been the directing force behind This is the Kit, and happily for us has created something truly special that we are delighted to share with you at Folk by the Oak.

Kate, who hails from Winchester, is currently based in Paris, which leaves us wondering if perhaps this ongoing exposure to both languages has given her voice such a unique blend of qualities - the mellifluous lilt of the French combined with an understated yet distinctive English Indie Pop accent.


Absolutely gorgeous, like an aural bath with the warm water lapping over you

- Cerys Matthews, BBC 6music -

A sublime blend of Appalachian bluegrass-infused pop with vocals, banjo, guitar and the odd bit of whistling

- Time Out -

just one of the best things i’ve heard all year….wonderful wonderful stuff

- Guy Garvey, BBC 6 Music -

An understated yet absorbing work, full of delicate arrangements that are elegantly swept along by Stables’ gloriously tender vocals

- Uncut 9/10 -

This is the Kit - Silver John