Hatfield House, Herts, Sunday 16 July 2017


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Folk by the Oak are proud to have been working with locally-based charity Willow since the festival began in 2008. 

50p from every ticket sold is donated to the charity, which is the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days.

These are days when they and their families reconnect and refocus on each other while enjoying an activity of their choosing. A day for them, a day about them and a day that will create the memories that will be treasured forever.

For some their Special Day is the opportunity to return some normality back into their lives. For others it is the last chance to fulfil a dream. But for all, at what is often the most difficult of times, a Special Day is a life-affirming experience that can lift spirits, increase morale and reunify families. 

Willow’s presence at Folk by the Oak has so far generated over £53,000 through ticket contributions, the generosity of the crowd on the day and further donations, with a fabulous £5,408.52 raised in 2016 alone!

Do visit Willow at Folk by the Oak and you will find out more about their wonderful work and the many ways in which you can support them.

Alternatively use the website and social media information below to connect with Willow and find out how you can get involved

Luke's Story

Luke, who was receiving treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was told about Willow, chose to renew his wedding vows for his Special Day, creating lasting memories for him and all his family

It wasn’t just about renewing our vows; it was about drawing a line under what had been and looking forward to what will be. Planning this day gave us something to think about and look forward to; it gave us a new focus. Now we were talking about what we would do ‘when’ I beat this not ‘if’ I beat this. Thanks to Willow everyone was smiling again and talking about the good day we had just had instead of the terrible year we had just been through.

- Luke: Willow beneficiary -

Becky's Story 

When Becky, from Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Willow arranged for her and her partner to spend some quality time together at Center Parcs.

For the first time in a long time we were able to just be ourselves, no labels, just a normal couple able to enjoy a very special holiday. The carer became the husband, the patient the wife, the dying started living, the observer the participant

- Becky: Willow beneficiary -